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What Level Cover Do You Need?

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van insuranceYour ideal van insurance level depends on a number of different variables: how often you drive, what purpose your van is used for, how much you own, whether you’re going to be driving in Europe or just in the UK, and several other things. Below is a guide to help you choose a perfect cover level, so you can purchase great protection without spending money on things you don’t need.

Is your van used for a business, or just for private purposes? You’ll need to get different level cover for a business van, as opposed for a private use fan. If you use your van for multiple purposes, you should ask an agent about which type of cover you should choose.

Do you really only need short term van cover? If you only drive your van once in a while, or if you only need to have cover for a few days so you can move your van, you can often purchase short-term van insurance.

The van insurance level on this will vary just as it does with regular full-term van insurance, but you’ll pay a much lower rate overall. It may be worth getting comprehensive cover because it only costs a few dollars more.

Do you want only third-party cover? This level covers only the basic legal amount you must have in order to drive. It covers anyone your van collides with for death, injury, and property damage. In most cases, as long as your van is an older one and you’re not worried about replacement costs, this amount of cover is adequate.

What about adding fire and theft to your basic plan? This level is added to third-party , but will cover your van versus fire or theft, and often covers miscellaneous other damages.

Be sure that you read your policy carefully if this is the type you choose, as every policy does this a little differently and you may find that the coverage offered you isn’t adequate to justify the additional expense. If you have had expensive conversions or you have a pricey stereo system, make sure the cover level is high enough to pay for replacements.

The most expensive level is comprehensive coverage, which covers any accidents you have and also any damage to your van in an accident. This is the one you want to purchase if you still owe money on your van or if you have a very new van that would be difficult to replace, particularly when it has had modifications made to it.

You can decrease the cost of any of these insurance levels by doing things that reduce the insurers risk: restricting age and number of drivers allowed to drive your van, for instance. Especially with fire and theft coverage and up, parking your van in a garage or other secured area and adding theft-proofing to it will also decrease your van insurance cost.


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What Level Cover Do You Need?

Your ideal van insurance level depends on a number of different variables: how often you drive, what purpose ...
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