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Top 10 Tips to Save Money

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van insuranceInsurance is an expense that rarely has an ROI, so every business owner is out to find the cheapest van insurance online possible. It’s almost like a war, with you, the businessman, up against the insurers, who will take every penny they can get from you.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to minimize your van insurance costs. If you want to find the cheapest deals possible while still ensuring adequate coverage, try the following tips:

1. Comparison shop for the cheapest deals online, while making sure that you still cover all the important things. All providers you look at should cover you for a specific list of minimal requirements, so mark out the ones that don’t cover your core requirements. Once you have a set of quotes from companies that cover those items, you can look at the cheapest van insurance from an equal playing field.

2. Let providers battle it out over you. Instead of looking for the cheapest van insurance by discussing the whole situation with each cover provider, use an agent to find the best cover for you. Or call back providers with an update on how much Company X offered, to see if they’ll lower their rates for you.

3. Make sure that you’re getting the right cover, while still getting the cheapest possible. Inadequate cover is not worth what you pay for it. No matter what the price, you should always ensure that your minimal requirements are covered.

4. Don’t buy more than you need. Lots of insurers slip additional extras in because those bits don’t cost the insurer much, and then inflate their rates because of the “added value.” Make companies quote you the bare bones cheapest price online that covers exactly what you need and no more – then compare that rate with the others you’re collecting.

5. Get theft devices and other safety devices. Any add-on safety devices you put on your van fleet will help you in your quest for the cheapest van insurance. Make sure your insurer knows you have these devices, and ask about other add-ons that might get you a discount.

6. Drop fully comp on older vans that you’re getting ready to replace anyway. If your van is nearing the end of its life, go for the cheapest van insurance that does not cover collision damage. Chances are, if your van is totalled out you’ll have to shell out most of the money for a brand new van anyway. A good rule of thumb: if your cover for a van totals more than the van is currently worth, drop the collision damage.

7. Set up a high excess, especially if you have a fleet. Then take the money you’ve saved from purchasing the cheapest policy with a high excess and put it in a savings account earmarked to pay for that cost. The more vans you own, the more likely this scheme will save you money over time.

8. Have defensive driving courses for all your drivers, and consider advanced driving courses. Not only will your drivers have fewer accidents, but often the cheapest policies are designed for people with advanced driver licences and skills.

9. Talk to your insurer about which vans to look at in the future for reduced rates. Van types vary widely in insurance cost, partly because of costs to repair them and partly due to safety issues. Find the make and model of van that has the cheapest rates, and start buying these. Get an update every year from your provider about which van is the best to buy.

10. Make sure the contents of your van are also insured. Sometimes your van contents are worth more than the van itself. If you don’t have cover for these contents, the cheapest van insurance online can wind up costing you a great deal of money.


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