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Commercial van insurance for business

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van insuranceCommercial van insurance: the ideal option for business

Any business owner or manager has to take in consideration a number of aspects in order to ensure that his company remains commercially viable. One important issue is insurance cover, especially required for keeping small businesses afloat in case the company van is destroyed in an accident.

Vans are an integral part of some businesses, as they are needed to transport goods, tools, and various other objects. Therefore, it is worthwhile to take out the best possible van insurance policy for all of your vehicles.

Function of the van

There are different vans made for commercial usage, such as escort vans, courier vans, transit vans, cargo vans, etc. The function of the van plays a major role in the selection of the insurance policy. You also have to take into account the model of your vehicle.

Analyse carefully

It is advisable to go through the fine print of your van insurance policy carefully as some companies ask for higher premiums based on the mileage accumulated during business hours or during the off-duty period. Those in need of a less expensive policy can opt for an advance payment which is a year ahead in place of a monthly or quarterly instalment scheme.

Type of cover

Standard commercial van insurance offers you three main options – third party fire and theft, comprehensive, and third party only. Comprehensive cover is the most expensive, as it is a complete policy that provides compensation against all kinds of losses. It also offers financial protection in the event of a death to a passenger within your vehicle.

Companies that are equipped with aged vehicles that cannot be valued at a high rate tend to opt for third party only cover, as since this is the most basic. It fulfils the essential legal conditions; however, this policy does not offer complete protection.


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