Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018


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About Us and What We Do

Welcome to VanInsuranceStrip.co.uk one of the most versatile online comparison services for van insurance quotes, we are dedicated to providing you with the best quotes on the market today and in the future.

To bring you insurance coverage personalized to your business, as well as your budget needs, we have developed a valuable joint venture with Quotezone.co.uk the United Kingdoms leading comparison service.

Since VanInsuranceStrip.co.uk specialises in your van insurance needs, we differ from many other insurance websites. You can arrange the policy you require, since we have brought together the significant insurance products relative to you and your business, all in one convenient place.

Here you will find the various products offered by our partners, such as Goods in Transit, Van Insurance as well as Public and Employer Liability insurance, to insurance coverage of your Plant & Materials.

Our easy to use search facility adds ease as you combine any number of policies to fit all your requirements.

To ensure that your business runs efficiently and legally, we have reduced the stress and worry of having all the necessary coverage.

What do we do?

We will compare rates to offer you with an instant value for your hard-earned money quotations, while using a large panel of well-known UK providers provided by Quotezone.co.uk.

You only have to enter your company details once, and then Quotezone do the rest. Here you will find our dedicated product pages, where you are enabled to request policies that are tailor made to agree with the needs of your business, no mater how small or large it may be.

We help you make the very best decision concerning your insurance coverage needs, as we are able to assist you with many useful and informative tips and hints. In other words, we take the cost and hassle out making sure you have the total coverage needed to run your van.

How do we do it?

Our goal is to offer you a means of finding the best coverage at the lowest price, you are not charged for using our service. Besides, it is so much easier to compare and choose the most suitable coverage when they are all displayed on the same screen. As you will see while visiting VanInsuranceStrip.co.uk, the prices can be much more competitive than going direct.

We are able to provide this helpful service to you while keeping your costs down, since our partners pay us a commission every time we direct your business onto them, so it is a win/win situation for all concerned.


Van Insurance Strip - Dare To Compare?

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